Trading Course for
Beginners: Course 3


Course 3: Learn Basic Chart Types, Technical Indicators, RSI & more


In Course 3, we will introduce you to the trading world. We will explain you what are CFDs and also the Forex Framework. You will learn how currencies function in forex and you will be able to understand what is Technical and Fundamental Analysis.


Course 3


40 min




› Short, easy-to-digest lessons

› Practical, interactive exercises

› Engaging videos and graphics

› Free demo account for practising your new skills

Course 3 Lessons

Lesson 1: Basic Chart Types START LESSON

Lesson 2: Getting Started with Technical Indicators START LESSON

Lesson 3: Money Management in Forex Trading: The Basics START LESSON

Lesson 4: The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) An Introduction START LESSON

Lesson 5: The Stochastic Oscillator: An Introduction (1) START LESSON

Lesson 6: The Relative Strength Index (RSI): An Introduction START LESSON

Start Trading
in Minutes

bullet Access 10,000+ financial instruments
bullet Auto open & close positions
bullet News & economic calendar
bullet Technical indicators & charts
bullet Many more tools included

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