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What is Bond trading?

A bond is an over-the-counter exchange-traded fund (ETF) and fixed-income financial instrument issued by corporations and governments (IOU) as debt securities (Coupon and Zero-coupon bonds) for a period of time mainly to pay down other debts and operations funding purposes through brokerage firms in the secondary market.

Bond trading is when bond investors and traders (lenders) are allowed to buy or sell corporate bonds and government bonds (bond issuers) in the bond market (public debt market). The issuer (borrower) must pay back the bond price (face value), interest rate, and a fixed or variable interest payment (dividend) to the bondholders on the bond maturity date. Traders consider bond investing one of the most effective portfolio diversification strategies.

Types of Bond Markets:

How does Bonds trading work?

Why Trade Bond CFDs?

Volatility is lower in the bond markets than trading stock and other markets because bonds provide a predictable income flow - bond coupon - as fixed-income securities. However, bonds with lower coupon rates are more volatile than bonds with higher coupon rates.

Μost investors tend to trade bonds as an effective portfolio diversification strategy benefiting from the bond markets reduced fluctuations, liquidity and risks given the low volatility of bonds trading, an individual bond's known details and fixed coupon payments. To achieve proper portfolio diversification, investors often hold their bond CFDs to maturity in order to secure their funds and potential profits since the original sum invested in bonds trading will be paid back by the bond issuer.

Yet, risks are always present when trading, whatever the type of investment. Bond prices can be negatively affected when governments and corporations issue new bonds or risk default events. Traders can also use Bonds trading to pick up bond yields by trading volatility (spread betting strategy) or seize any potential bond price increase from a credit upgrade. Bond CFDs offer traders the possibility to re-sell bonds when interest rates are increasing without the need to hold onto them until the maturity date.

An Example of
Bonds CFD Trading

Suppose you want to trade CFDs, where the underlying asset is the US10YR, known as ‘’US 10yr T-Note” Let us suppose that the US10YR is trading at BID 130.62 ASK 131.76


You decide to buy 100 contracts of US10YR because you think that the US10YR price will rise in the future. Your margin rate is 1%. This means that you need to deposit 1% of the total position value into your margin account.

In the next hour, if the bond price moves to 132.3/133.2, you have a winning trade. You could close your position by selling at the current (bid) price of US10YR, which is 132.3.

Advantages of Bond
CFDs trading

• Fixed Income Security

• Safer Investment compare to other types of trading

• Less Technical Analysis

• Initial Investment paid back to bondholder by the issuer

• Possibility to resell bond CFD before the bond maturity date

• Effective Portfolio Diversification Strategy

• Long Term Investment

Bonds Spreads

Symbol Product   Standard A/c
    Min Avg
GILT UK Long Gilt 0 0.07
US10YR US 10yr T-Note 0 0.08

Bonds Trading
- FAQs

Contracts for Difference in bonds trading (Bond CFD) allow investors to trade on the price of the fixed-income security - issued by governments, corporations and other institutions as debt obligations - without purchasing the actual underlying asset. Bond CFDs are made available to traders through brokerage firms in the secondary market and are mainly used as long-term investments, portfolio diversification and spread betting strategies. Bond CFDs offer traders the possibility to re-sell bonds when interest rates are increasing without the need to hold onto them until the maturity date.

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